Fascinating interplay of light

LEDON Brilliant Light with Swarovski crystals


February 2016


Crystal chandeliers sparkle and shine in particularly beautiful ways because of the light that surrounds them. Until now, light provided by incandescent lamps was the measure of all things in terms of light sources fitted in upmarket chandeliers. LEDON’s new Brilliant Light LED candle revolutionises this type of illumination. Its light shines through a high-grade luminaire head made of Swarovski crystals.



Fascinating interplay of light

A chandelier’s special appeal lies in the combination of light source and elements that refract light, such as glass, gemstones and metal. Not only do they intensify the lighting effect, but their interplay also highly contributes to the effect of the whole luminaire. The combination of LED light sources and crystals exclusively provided by Swarovski in the new LEDON Brilliant Light candle creates an especially fascinating interplay of light and shadow. This results in a very elegant and exclusive appearance of both the luminaire and the illuminated rooms.



Various light colours available

Two versions of the new LEDON Brilliant Light LED candle are available with different light colours. The version with 2700 K colour temperature provides warm white light similar to an incandescent lamp. It has a luminous flux of 250 lm. The 2000 K model, on the other hand, creates a particularly warm lighting ambiance. It reminds of the light provided by a dimmed incandescent lamp or a candle. Nevertheless, it shines with a brightness level of 200 lm. Thanks to their reduced shaft diameter, LEDON Brilliant Light candles are compatible with standard E14 chandelier lamp fittings. The only thing that needs to be considered is that the LED luminaire requires an adequate mounting depth.



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