Dimmers and Transformers

Dimming – Adjustable light output

Most of the lamps in the LEDON range are available in a dimmable version. The dimming function allows the user to reduce the brightness of the lamp gradually. You can choose the right light level and atmosphere for your room while retaining the warm white light provided by LEDON.


However, not all dimmers and transformers are well adapted or unconditionally compatible with LED lamps.

Safe Dimming: Instructions for LED lamps

1. Non dimmable and Double-Click lamps must not be used with dimmers

If non-dimmable or double-click lamps are operated with dimmer switches, this both the dimmer and the LED lamp can be destroyed (even if the dimmer is always set to the maximum). Please use dimmer switches only in combination with dimmable LED lamps.


2. Installation: VA rating

Determining the installation power (VA) when operating several lamps. If multiple LED lamps are operated in parallel, the dimmer or the installation should be of five to six times the designed capacity. For example: When operating five 10 watt LED lamps (10W x 5), the installation should be configured for 250-300 watts.


If you need more information about installing dimmers and dimmable LED lights, contact your electrician. We also recommend consultation with an electrician if you want to run a larger number of LEDON LED lamps (8 or more) lamps on a dimmer.


3. Do not operate lamps with broken glass dome or without the dome

An LED lamp is no longer safe to operate once the glass dome is broken or removed. If the glass dome is damaged, turn off the electricity; take the lamp out of operation and please dispose of it in electronic waste.



*This list does not represent all the dimmer systems with which LEDON lamps are compatible and will be continuously updated.

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