Feel good light: LED Candle B35/C 5W E14 Candlelight (LEDON)


Cozy Moments by Candlelight

The light from this LED candle from LEDON has an extra warm white color temperature of 2000 Kelvin. This color matches that of a dimmed incandescent light bulb. This feature makes it perfect for applications where an especially warm and inviting lighting atmosphere, even at full brightness, is required.


  • Brightness corresponds to 25 W* incandescent lamp
  • Power consumption of 5 W
  • E14 screw cap
  • Luminous flux of 250 lm




*25W according to table 6 of EU-Regulation 244/2009; Brightness comparison values are dependent on the actual type of incandescent lamp being replaced (e.g. soft white finish incandescent lamps have a lower light output than clear finished lamps) and the type of application.

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