Presence simulation:
LED Lamp A60 10W E27 Guard (LEDON)


For a safe home

Imagine a light that gives you a sense of well-being and a feeling of security. Whether if you are at home or not. The world´s most unique LEDON Guard is light source and presence simulation in one LED lamp. The integrated, automatic light control operates without an app or external control unit and makes the time switch superfluous. Simply turn the bulb into the existing socket, activate the presence function on the light switch and leave the house. Ingeniously simple – simply awesome!


All important information about LEDON Guard can be found at


  • Presence simulation integrated in a LED lamp
  • Replacement solution for 60 Watt incandescent lamps*
  • Lumen output of 800 Lumen
  • 10 Watt power concumption  
  • Energy efficiency class A+



Non dimmable

Non dimmable

*60W according to table 6 of EU-Regulation 244/2009; Brightness comparison values are dependent on the actual type of incandescent lamp being replaced (e.g. soft white finish incandescent lamps have a lower light output than clear finished lamps) and the type of application.

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