Lighting solutions for industry and trade

LED luminaires for car parks, basements and factory halls – 
new product range expected to outrank LED lamps in terms of sales volume

June 2016


The product range of Austrian supplier LEDON now also includes lighting solutions for industry and trade. Louvre luminaires for offices, moisture-proof luminaires for basements and car parks, and high-bay luminaires for industrial and high-bay lighting cover the most important areas of application. In the medium term, the new product range is even expected to outrank the company’s former core business of traditional LED lamps.


Since its foundation in 2009, the LEDON company has become widely known as a supplier of premium LED lamps. So far, its portfolio has included mostly traditional “retrofit” products for replacement of incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps featuring conventional base types.


The supplier has now added LED luminaires for professional applications to its portfolio: “What matters in offices and schools as well as in industry and trade are high-quality light, cost efficiency and a long service life,” explains Reinhard Weiss, managing director of LEDON. “This is where we will be able to score points with our premium products over the next few years.”


LEDON’s research and development, quality control and product management activities for all products are carried out at the company’s headquarters in Lustenau (Vorarlberg/Austria). For the company currently employing 23 people, “the new business segment is a major step into the future,” Weiss believes. In terms of sales volume, it is even expected to outrank the LED lamp business a few years from now.


Covering the most important application areas

Highly efficient high-bay luminaires for production and warehouse facilities have been added to the portfolio. They are available with brightness levels ranging from 12,000 to 28,800 lumens and three different beam angles. Moisture-proof luminaires featuring 3600 and 5600 lumens have also been included in the portfolio. They can be installed in car parks, basements or production facilities in a variety of ways.


Last year already, LEDON launched a new product range of louvre luminaires for offices, schools and public buildings. These luminaires are available in various versions for recessed mounting and retrofitting, in three sizes, and with brightness levels of 3600 and 4000 lumens. The downlights included in the existing portfolio are often used for commercial applications as well.


Niche products in the pipeline

LEDON’s new lighting solutions cover some of the most important professional applications for trade and industry. Other products are envisaged for the future: “In order to complement our portfolio, we are going to offer niche products as well in the future,” emphasizes managing director Reinhard Weiss. “We will be able to respond to customer needs in a flexible manner. This will open up new market opportunities for us.”


In the German-speaking countries, the products will be sold by specialised lighting retailers and electricians. LEDON has sales partners in a number of European countries.


Five-year guarantee on all products

On account of their high quality, LEDON will give a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all its products. During the first three years, there will even be a full guarantee on the new LED luminaire range; during this time, the company will bear the costs of replacing light points. “Such a full guarantee is unusual on the market,” emphasizes managing director Reinhard Weiss. “It is an important signal for our customers with regard to the quality of our products.”


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