Light for the highest demands

What matters in the field of industrial or hall lighting are features such as efficiency, long service and perfectly matching brightness. Within the wide range of LEDON High Bays you can find first-class and perfectly matching LED lighting solutions for your project.

  • Neutral white light with 4000 Kelvin
  • Three power categories to combine with three beam angles
  • Non-dimmable and DALI-compatible versions
  • Variable mounting options
  • Service life of 80,000 hours
  • Five-year manufacturer guarantee, three-year full-guarantee to the replacement

Available Versions

ArticleColor temperatureWattageBeam angleRated luminous fluxSizeFunctionInfo
290012524000 K100 W60°12000 lm320x142 mmNicht dimmbar
290012534000 K100 W90°12000 lm320x142 mmNicht dimmbar
290012544000 K100 W110°12000 lm320x142 mmNicht dimmbar
290012554000 K100 W60°12000 lm320x142 mmDALI
290012564000 K100 W90°12000 lm320x142 mmDALI
290012574000 K100 W110°12000 lm320x142 mmDALI
290012584000 K150 W60°18000 lm320x142 mmNicht dimmbar
290012594000 K150 W90°18000 lm320x142 mmNicht dimmbar
290012604000 K150 W110°18000 lm320x142 mmNicht dimmbar
290012614000 K150 W60°18000 lm320x142 mmDALI
290012624000 K150 W90°18000 lm320x142 mmDALI
290012634000 K150 W110°18000 lm320x142 mmDALI
290012644000 K200 W60°24000 lm380x147 mmNicht dimmbar
290012654000 K200 W90°24000 lm380x147 mmNicht dimmbar
290012664000 K200 W110°24000 lm380x147 mmNicht dimmbar
290012674000 K200 W60°24000 lm380x147 mmDALI
290012684000 K200 W90°24000 lm380x147 mmDALI
290012694000 K200 W110°24000 lm380x147 mmDALI
290012704000 K240 W60°28800 lm380x147 mmNicht dimmbar
290012714000 K240 W90°28800 lm380x147 mmNicht dimmbar
290012724000 K240 W110°28800 lm380x147 mmNicht dimmbar
290012734000 K240 W60°28800 lm380x147 mmDALI
290012744000 K240 W90°28800 lm380x147 mmDALI
290012754000 K240 W110°28800 lm380x147 mmDALI
All prices incl. 20% VAT


29001128 HIGH BAY 320 MOUNTING BRACKETfür 320 mm
29001129 HIGH BAY 380 MOUNTING BRACKETfür 380 mm