Imperial illumination

The Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, established in 1752, is the oldest zoo in the world that is still in operation. It is also one of the most popular zoos in Europe. Visitors are especially attracted by the combination of historic buildings, state-of-the-art installations and animal compounds.

Already in 1759 Emperor Francis I had a stately pavilion built right in the centre of the zoo and endowed with oil paintings and mirrors. Today it accommodates a cafè and restaurant. Together with the numerous animals, the Emperor’s Pavilion has meanwhile become one of the many attractions of the zoo. Visitors have the opportunity to get some rest in elegant, imperial ambience or enjoy the building’s baroque splendour while attending an evening event.

In terms of lighting, the operators were looking for an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the previously used incandescent candle lamps. Moreover, they demanded above-average lighting quality to be able to maintain the festive ambience of the circular hall. In addition, the new light sources needed to be designed for 10 hours of operation per day throughout the year. The 5 W LED candle by LEDON proved to be the perfect solution. Both the chandelier in the centre of the hall and the wall-mounted luminaires were fitted with the new lamps.

Thanks to a total number of 46 LED lamps, some 6000 kWh of energy will be saved each year, reducing energy costs by about EUR 1,000. Due to the LED light sources’ long service life, the costs of laborious re-lamping will also be considerably reduced.