Recreation surrounded by pleasant light

The Mesmerhaus in the architectural region of Vorarlberg is a perfect example for the successful symbiosis of old and new elements. The 150-year-old building situated high above the Rhine valley is a perfect combination of nostalgia, romantic atmosphere and contemporary interior. Formerly owned by the church sexton (called Mesmer in Vorarlberg), it was lovingly restored in 2010 by his descendants. The result is an artwork of colours, high-quality materials and light.


State-of-the-art LED lighting solution

The historical flair of the building is supplemented by exclusive furnishings ensuring contemporary convenience. The concept includes premium LED lighting, which complies with both environmental and economic requirements.


“Guests looking for a time off from stressful every-day life have come to the right place. We left nothing to chance, not even the choice of the perfect lighting system.”

Evi Haller, client and host

The Mesmerhaus is used as a guest house today and accommodates three luxury apartments. In addition to two wood-burning stoves, numerous designer items and pieces of furniture made by master carpenters, it is also the contemporary lighting design that enhances the notion of convenience and the inviting atmosphere of the building. LEDON’s premium LED light sources provide warm and natural high-quality light and create a cosy atmosphere that contributes to the relaxation of the guests staying at Mesmerhaus.

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