Music theatre – starring LED lamps from LEDON

Europe’s most modern opera house is placing its trust in LED lamps from LEDON

Linz’s music theatre, planned by London-based architectural firm Terry Pawson and opened in June 2013, is setting new standards across Europe not only regarding acoustics, technical equipment and comfort, but also in lighting, thanks to modern LED lamp technology being put to extensive use throughout the entire building.

A total of 1,500 LEDON LED lamps on the music theatre’s dressing tables provide performers from all over Europe with the best possible light quality while they’re preparing for a show. The theatre’s operator purposely  opted for dimmable 7 watt LED lamps featuring a high 90 Ra colour rendering, as the dressing table lighting has to satisfy the most stringent natural colour rendering standards. In addition, the opera house is enjoying an energy savings of up to 85% compared with conventional lamps that deliver the same level of brightness.




Other reasons as to why the operator opted for the LEDON LED lamps included the outstanding lifetime of 25,000 hours and the products being highly environmentally compatible as a result. Last but not least, its choice means that the Linz music theatre is now counted amongst Europe’s “green” opera houses.

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